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Application Notes

October 2022

Process Engineering Characterization of the 
CellScrew® 6K & the CellScrew® 10K

Mixing Time and Oxygen Transfer Coefficient

  • The CellScrew® offers short mixing times over the whole recommended rpm range

  • The CellScrew® is comparable with regular multiple-use benchtop bioreactor systems regarding the kL a-value

  • The kL a-value of the CellScrew® increases and the mixing time decreases with increasing rotation speed

February 2023

Cultivation and expansion of HEK-293 cells in the CellScrew® 6K

Application of PLA as a growth surface for adherent cells
  • Attachment of HEK-293 in the CellScrew® was successful

  • Expansion of HEK-293 in the CellScrew® was successful and exceeded DSMZ data

  • No protocol modification necessary for trypsinization

  • Harvesting enzyme concentration was reduced by 66 % without loss in harvest efficiency

Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet
CellScrew® 6k
Technical Data Sheet
CellScrew® 10k
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