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Make adherent cell cultivation in your lab easier and more sustainable 


Make your lab greener.

CellScrew® is made from plant-based PLA, so no additional CO₂ is released into the atmosphere during disposal after use. Thanks to the production in a 3D printer, less material is needed to create a large cell growth surface than with conventional systems.  


Save time and manufacturing costs. 

The CellScrew® is shaped like a simple roller bottle, so it is easy to handle, reducing labor costs and manufacturing space, and allowing you to grow more cells faster. It is compatible with common laboratory systems so no additional equipment is needed.


Scale up quickly.

Its innovative integration of an Archimedes Screw and Concentric Cylinders greatly increases growth surface area. As the CellScrew® can be applied from lab scale to the manufacturing scale, no additional process development is necessary to scale-up.


Create optimal cell growth conditions.

The CellScrew® is TC-treated. Its novel structure allows good mixing, high oxygen transfer, and low shear stress. 


How it works

1. Leave us your contact details and we  will get back to you shortly.

2.  If you would like, let's set up a call to discuss how CellScrew® can be integrated in your process. 

3. We will send you

free sample inserts

so you can test your specific cell lines on the PLA surface. 

4. You will receive a custom quote. If you place an order within 4 weeks of the fair, you will receive a

20% discount. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Janine Wanke 

Account Manager

Green Elephant Biotech GmbH  |  2023

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