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The world’s
96-well plate

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Designed for people and planet!

Say hello to a 96-well plate that ultimately aligns with your sustainability principles – without any compromises on quality or functionality. Made entirely from 100% renewable PLA (polylactic acid), the plate is meticulously engineered to meet the highest scientific standards. Whether you’re conducting assays, screenings, or other laboratory procedures, our sustainable 96-well plate stands up to the task, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your research.

Make a difference – with your research and by contributing to a greener future in the lab.

image 5.png
  • made from plant-based PLA

  • transparent

  • flat-bottom

  • labeled

  • raised rim


Well played, PLA.

PLA transforms your 96-well plate into an eco-friendly alternative. It has a significantly lower carbon footprint
than traditional polystyrene plates. This is attributed not only to the CO2 absorption by the plants used to
produce PLA, but also to its energy and water-efficient manufacturing process.
The result, confirmed by Climate Partner, is that a 96-well plate made from PLA reduces CO2 emissions by
more than 50% compared to one made from polystyrene.

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Green Elephant Biotech GmbH  |  2023

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