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The CellScrew®

Streamline your seed train for viral vector production


What is the CellScrew®?

The CellScrew® is an innovative adherent cell culture system that simplifies your processes and reduces risks associated with the seed train of viral vector production.

The patented internal structure offers a
large growth surface on a small footprint and an optimal microenvironment for adherent cell cultivation in a lean process.

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Consistent growth conditions in your seed train

The CellScrew® provides excellent growth conditions for adherent cells along multiple vessel sizes, eliminating the need to switch systems. This allows you to seamlessly scale up and down, ensuring healthy cells in all stages of industrial cell cultivation.

The genius in the bottle

The innovative internal structure of the CellScrew® fosters optimal growth conditions with low shear forces and facilitates excellent gas exchange. Constant and homogeneous supply with oxygen and nutrients facilitate cell growth while limiting unwanted cell differentiation. 

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Internal Archimedes’ screws enable excellent mixing and consistent medium supply under low shear forces

The central tube empowers constant flow of the liquids and allows for liquid handling using a serological pipette.

Concentric cyclinders inside the bottle form a large surface area on a small footprint

Less vessels, less contamination risk, 
less manual work

The large growth surface allows for intense cultivation of adherent cells without frequent passages, vessel pooling, and with an excellent nutrient and gas supply. Replacing multiple vessels with the CellScrew® not only reduces the repetitive manual labor in the lab, but also the risk of contamination.



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Book a free intro call to learn more.

Learn more about the CellScrew® and find out how it can help you to streamline your seed train by joining us for a short introduction call - no strings attached.

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