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CellScrew® Expert Series

Updated: Feb 14

Welcome to this special blog post, a short video series, created to enhance your workflow and steer clear of potential pitfalls! Whether you’re a seasoned user or a newcomer, in these nine short videos you will get a quick overview on how to make adherent cell culture with the CellScrew® a success story. We got some tips related to the rotation of the CellScrew®, its right angle as well as some handling and cell harvesting advice.

 1 - Rotational Speed

The growth of your cells is highly dependent on the rotational speed, as it not only facilitates the transport of media and gas but also plays a crucial role in the distribution of cells throughout the CellScrew®. Furthermore, setting an incorrect rotational speed can lead to liquid leakage. Therefore, follow these instructions to calculate the rotational speed and enhance the distribution within the flask and optimize the overall cell culture process. 

The formula for the actual rotational speed [rpm] is: 

(1 rotation/ time measured for 1 rotation [s]) ∗ (60s / 1 min)


2 - Direction of Rotation 

To prevent leakage of the CellScrew® and guarantee the function of the Archimedes’ Screws to evenly distribute your cells and media, make sure to set the rotation of your roller device in the correct direction. Check out the instructional videos to learn how to ensure the right setup. 


3 - Angle 

The CellScrew® operates most effectively at an angle of 10-15° that complements the principles of the Archimedes’ Screws. Watch the video to learn how to set up the angle for the CellScrew®. 


4 - Handling 

Here, we will provide some tips on handling the Cellscrew®, specifically focusing on medium aspiration. The videos will guide you on the comfortable removal of medium from the CellScrew®. 


5 - Harvest 

To achieve maximum harvest output, implement the tips provided in the video to facilitate effective cell detachment. 

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