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Green Elephant microplate 96 wells, transparent, flat bottom (100 pcs)

Green Elephant 96-well plate, transparent, flat bottom, 100 pcs 

  • transparent

  • flat bottom

  • labeled

  • non-sterile, without lid

  • made from polylactic acid (PLA)  

Say hello to a 96-well plate that ultimately aligns with your sustainability principles – without any compromises on quality or functionality. Whether you’re conducting assays, screenings, or optical measurements, our sustainable 96-well plate stands up to the task. Made 100 % from renewable biopolymer, this 96-well plate has a 50% lower carbon footprint than that of standard polystyrene plates.

The flat-bottom design makes it suitable for microscopical applications. Excellent transparency allows for a wide array of optical tests. The individual wells are clearly labeled, facilitating identification. Ribbed patches on the side make the microplate ready to use for robotics, plate readers, and liquid handling systems. The material's high mechanical and broad range of chemical resistance ensures durability and reliability.

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Product Details

  • ​​​​​​biocompatible according to DIN EN ISO 10993

  • temperature resistant between -80 °C and +50°C

  • centrifugation stability up to 4000 x g

  • fully traceable by lot number

  • manufactured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001



85.18 mm


127.76 mm


14.35 mm

Weight (per plate)

49 g

Theoretical total volume

372 μL/well

Working volume

50 – 200 μL/well

Number of Plates per Bag:


Number of Bags:


Weight (net):

4,9 kg

Package Weight:


Package Dimensions:

42 x 32 x 23 cm

Commodity Code:

3926 9097 90



Country of Origin:


Shipping Details

Technical Data & Documents

Download PDF • 1.72MB

Download PDF • 2.02MB

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