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Sustainable cell culture flask CellScrew


and scalable
adherent cell


Tired of challenging and environmentally harmful adherent cell culture systemsSo are we! 

Make your lab greener.

The CellScrew® is made from plant-based PLA. The renewable material allows significantly lower CO₂ emission during manufacturing compared to petroleum-based plastics. 

Save time and production costs.

Its roller bottle design simplifies handling, cuts labor costs, and saves manufacturing space. Additionally, its compatibility with common laboratory systems eliminates the need for extra equipment purchases.

Scale up


The CellScrew®'s 

innovative structure provides a large growth surface area for your adherent cell expansion. This facilitates a seamless transition from the lab to manufacturing scale. 

Optimize growth conditions.

The CellScrew® is TC-treated. Its novel structure enables cell cultivation in an excellent environment. Optimal mixing, high oxygen transfer, and low shear stress provide ideal growing conditions.

The CellScrew® combines the benefits of conventional adherent cell culture systems. 

The CellScrew® is a greener solution if you work in … 

Cell and Gene Therapy 

Vaccine Manufacturing

Drug Screening and Development 

    Adherent Cell Expansion

From the lab bench to commercial production.

Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing


The CellScrew® revolutionizes adherent cell expansion by enabling accessible, affordable biopharmaceuticals. It is designed for upstream bioprocessing, helping you achieve large-scale growth, higher productivity, lower costs, and improve your environmental sustainability.

Research Lab Groups


The CellScrew® streamlines your cell cultivation process. It provides an easy-to-handle solution with an expansive growth surface area. Easily transition from small-scale to large-scale cell growth with its seamless scalability, ideal for applications in pre-clinical development and clinical trials.

Sustainable cell cultivation vessel for adherent cells - the CellScrew

It's not just another roller bottle … 

With two innovative design features, the CellScrew® provides an excellent surface-area-to-volume ratio and optimal distribution of liquid.

Concentric cylinders
create a large growth area. 
Archimedes Screw transports the liquid throughout the bottle. 

Replace non-renewable plastics with plant-based PLA.

  • The healthcare sector consumes substantial amounts of petroleum-based plastic, accounting for 4.4% of total global  CO₂ emissions. However, by implementing more environmentally-friendly solutions, we can reduce these emissions and fossil fuel depletion, moving towards a more sustainable future.

  • You can be part of the transformation of the biotechnology sector by using laboratory consumables made of poly-lactic acid (PLA), a plant-based biopolymer produced entirely from renewable crops.

  • PLA is synthesized through fermentation of organic plant starches like corn starch. Glucose is hydrolyzed to form dextrose, which is then fermented into lactic acid by microorganisms. The lactic acid is transformed into lactide and undergoes polymerization to produce the PLA polymer. These PLA polymers are processed into filaments. We then use them for additive manufacturing in 3D printing our products! 

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Common Systems

Interested in testing PLA for cell cultivation? 

Try our free material sample 12-well plates with PLA inserts to test your cell lines on this material.

  • Can all adherent cell lines be cultivated in the CellScrew®?
    The CellScrew® has been tested with various cell lines, such as mouse fibroblasts (L-929), human kidney cells (HEK-293), and stem cells (human mesenchymal stromal cells). The adhesion rates, growth rates, and final cell densities observed were comparable to or better than those achieved on standard polystyrene surfaces. For more information on the testing of HEK-293 cells on the PLA surface and the CellScrew®, please refer to this Application Note. Order free material sample 12-well plates to test our surface with your specific cell line.
  • Does the CellScrew® have a smaller carbon footprint compared to standard cell culture devices?
    Yes! The CellScrew® is made from polylactic acid (PLA), which is derived from the polymerization of lactic acid produced from plants. Our additive manufacturing process allows us to produce the same growth surface area with up to 80% less material compared to injection molded culture systems. To comprehensively assess the carbon footprint of the CellScrew®, we are currently conducting a life cycle analysis.
  • Is the CellScrew® GMP-certified?
    The CellScrew® is currently research grade, but we aim to achieve GMP compliance by the end of Q1 2024 and are in the process of constructing a GMP-compliant facility to support this goal.
  • Can cells be visualized under the microscope in the CellScrew®?
    The CellScrew® cannot be microscoped, similar to most other expansion systems that exceed a growth surface of ~300 cm². We recommend using our free 12-well sample plates with inserts to characterize your cell growth and medium on the TC-treated surface.
  • Do I need to buy additional equipment to use the CellScrew®?
    The CellScrew® is handled just as a regular roller bottle, where it is placed in an incubator on a roller device. However, it is crucial to position the roller bottle at a 10-15 degree angle on the roller to ensure the filter cap remains dry and the system operates effectively.
  • Is the CellScrew® sterile?
    Yes, the CellScrew® comes fully sterilized, as it is vacuum sealed and gamma irradiated. We strongly advise against autoclaving the CellScrew® as it can cause damage to the product's structure and integrity.

About Green Elephant Biotech

Green Elephant was founded in 2021 by Dr. Joel Eichmann and Felix Wollenhaupt. Since then, we have been joined by diverse team members from backgrounds in bioprocessing, business development, and marketing. Together, we strive to provide innovative solutions for today’s challenges faced by the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

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